Magnolia Car Wash

Top-Quality Manual Wash for Commercial Vehicles

Experience top-tier cleanliness with our manual hand-wash service, specializing in commercial trucks. We meticulously clean both exterior and interior, ensuring your vehicle reflects your professional standard.

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Trust us to make your work truck look extraordinary


Keep your mighty semi truck looking its best with our professional hand washing and detailing services. We'll remove dirt, grime, and road residue, restoring its shine and protecting the exterior.

Box Trucks

Give your box truck a fresh and polished appearance with our top-notch hand washing and detailing solutions. Our skilled team will meticulously clean the exterior, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless.

Regular Trucks

Enhance the beauty of your everyday truck with our manual hand washing and detailing treatments. From meticulous cleaning of the exterior to rejuvenating the interior, we'll bring back the luster of your vehicle.

our services include

Our range of services includes comprehensive semi-truck cleaning services, professional commercial truck cleaning, everyday truck and a thorough car wash designed for all types of commercial vehicles. We deploy the best cleaning techniques combined with the latest equipment, guaranteeing your vehicle not only looks clean but feels new.

Attention to Detail

A manual wash allows for meticulous attention to detail, reaching spots automatic washers often miss.

Gentle on Surfaces

Hand washing is gentle on your vehicle's surfaces, minimizing the risk of scratches or damage.

    Santee's Trusted Commercial Vehicle Cleaning Service

    At Magnolia Car Wash, we believe in quality, dedication, and attention to detail. Our skilled team, based in the heart of Santee, CA, offers a superior level of cleaning services exclusively designed for commercial vehicles. We specialize in commercial truck cleaning and semi-truck cleaning services, ensuring that every vehicle we handle gets the attention it deserves.

    5 Star Ratings on Google

    Got a fleet of vehicles that need washing?

    Get bi-weekly or monthly car wash for your commercial fleet. Partnering with us will save you time and money to keep all your vehicles spotless clean!